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NBA 2K16 has recently addressed an issue that has been irking fans of the My Career mode, buy cheap jordan shoes particularly the glitch that doesn't allow players to see socks.

Now,, players buy cheap jordan shoes online can now see the socks but these will only be ankle length socks. Another limitation would be the players' inability to select Stance team socks or adjust the length of the socks buy cheap air jordans.

Two new sneakers have also been added in another update including the LeBron XIII and the Curry 2. These shoes are customizable but can set back buyers by 2,750 VC for the Lebron's and 2,000 VC for the Curry 2 buy air jordans online.

Another report on Design and Trend also noted that the game has released another patch for the PS4 and Xbox One that addressed issues in the Pro Am mode.

Among the issues resolved are cases where the game would hang when buy cheap jordans online entering and exiting the Tattoo editor on MyPlayer.

The issue of the title freezing before proceeding to a selected action has also been fixed.

The report also said that the patch addressed the buy jordans cheap glitch that causes players to slide and skate when the block button is pushed.

The patch also tuned player sweat so they are much more visible while in play for a longer period. Crowd excitement has also been tuned to buzzer beaters.

Meanwhile, the game has reportedly released new locker codes that allows buy jordans cheap online gamers to maximize the use of their favorite NBA players on the roster, VCPost reported.