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You don't have to dress well to record triple-doubles that rival Jordan and Bird buy cheap jordans. The right layering off-court won't lend itself to doing so in four consecutive games. Your coach will never turn to you and say, "Great work in the post tonight. Now, buy jordans let's talk about your post-game fit." Still, answering questions about how you put the team on your back while draped in your most runway ready garb has become its own unspoken competition. Russell Westbrook knows. The four-time NBA all-star and NBA Live 16 cover star has become one of the most fashion-forward buy cheap jordans players in the league. Just picturing him behind the mic already conjures images of his near signature clear frames, his carefully selected bespoke outfits. Even at his most vibrant, he's the antithesis of Craig Sager.

So it goes that Westbrook has become an increasingly active buy jordan member of the fashion community. In addition to collaborating with Barneys New York for both summer and spring collections, the Oklahoma City Thunder guard recently launched his own line of eyewear buy jordans cheap. This year, he's become the campaign creative director for True Religion.

On a Wednesday night in L.A., we ventured to a Griffith Park studio buy jordans cheap online to talk to Westbrook about fashion and his role with the newly reimagined denim brand. Inside a cavernous and dimly lit studio, racks of the latest from True Religion buttressed every wall. Denim in dark and distressed washes, jean jackets, and shirts with Westbrook's number emblazoned on the back in buy jordans online cheap reflective print—this was not the same brand 2 Chainz brought you in 2011.

Around 8 p.m., after an entire day spent shooting on a mock-runway surrounded by a constellation of blinding buy jordans online lights and a coterie of 360-cameras, Westbrook reclined in a director's chair inside his dressing room. Though hadn't dropped 49, 16, and 10, he was understandably tired. Still, once our interview began, he was as focused and attentive as you'd imagine one of the NBA's best point guards. He also laughed a few times buy cheap jordans online. Whether or not he's heard of Lil B is up for interpretation.